IPA: fˈɑ


  • The letter ف in the Arabic script.
  • (aviation) Initialism of Federal Aviation Administration (agency regulating U.S. aviation).
  • (law) Initialism of Federal Arbitration Act (9 USC 1).
  • (military, nautical, aviation) Initialism of Fleet Air Arm (carrier-borne air force of the U.K.'s Royal Navy).

Examples of "faa" in Sentences

  • FAA in the USA prior to departure.
  • It was the FAA's first jet fighter.
  • FAA coordinates for the airport are.
  • FAA rules for experimental aircraft.
  • FAA coordinates for the airport are .
  • FAA in an airplane manufacturing company.
  • FAA revised the procedures for the corridor.
  • It said that the FAA investigated the accident.
  • As such it is a restatement of the FAA position.
  • Benedict at this time was associated with the FAA.
  • CHERNOFF: Adams raised the safety issue to the faa, but it went nowhere.
  • CHERNOFF: faa says there was no intent to deceive anyone about what we were doing.
  • The faa says the disciplinary actions had nothing to do with Adams 'safety concerns.
  • But we should mention that the government Web site, fly. faa.gov, is not reporting any delays at the airports this morning.
  • ADAMS: I've been vindicated at least on the safety concerns, and would I like to see some accountability on the part of the faa.
  • On November 5th the Department of Transportation which oversees faa told the Office of Special Counsel the computer system had been put to use.
  • CHERNOFF: In response, the faa promised to utilize a computer program that helps air traffic controllers staggers aircraft to ensure proper spacing.
  • Fly. faa.gov offers a handy map with current information about the status of major airports, such as ground-delay programs in force that will delay your takeoff.
  • There are too many that should also be included such as labor (osha davis/bacon) transportation (faa), justice (ada), agriculture, interior (land use), and education.
  • Last week the office of special counsel raised the matter with President Obama writing, "We found a substantial likelihood that faa officials were engaging in conduct that constitutes gross mismanagement and a substantial and specific danger to public safety."

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