IPA: fˈæbɝdʒ


  • russian goldsmith noted for creating a series of jeweled and enameled easter eggs for european royalty (1846-1920)

Examples of "faberge" in Sentences

  • I don't care if you found a dozen faberge eggs.
  • Wartski are deeply ingrained into the history of Faberge.
  • The surprise was the first Faberge Automaton, an elephant.
  • Same was used by faberge to create those little famous eggs.
  • Then ther eis the faberge egg and the posh Sotherby's auction.
  • As a self traineed designer she started to work for Faberge in 1909.
  • Is this not derogatory to the one of a kind craftsmanship of Faberge
  • Most of the important work was done by Faberge and others 100 years ago.
  • Among the items stolen were a sterling silver Faberge soup tureen and ladle.
  • It is one of only four Faberge Easter Eggs to include a clock in the design.

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