IPA: fˈeɪbʌɫd


  • Known only in fables; fictitious.
  • Made known by fables or reputation; legendary, famed.

Examples of "fabled" in Sentences

  • He was the fabled founder of the Kashmir region.
  • The Geats depart for this fabled land of harmony.
  • This was part of the fabled old land of Gandhara.
  • Umm al-Dunya, the mother of the world, Egyptians and other Arabs call the fabled city of Cairo.
  • Could I call the fabled Hydra, I would have him live and perish, survive and die, until the sun itself would grow dim with age.
  • The most obvious of the predictions is that 2010 will be the year of the "iPad" (or whatever Apple winds up calling their fabled tablet computer).
  • But, looking aside from these channels, what has it effected for philosophy, that great burden, which constantly recalls the fabled labors of Sisyphus and the Danaides?
  • Ask a Maple Leaf fan for their greatest upset and they're liable to recall the fabled 1942 team that came from a 3-0 series deficit to beat the Red Wings for the Stanley Cup.
  • In theory, when free-market economics operates at peak efficiency, the so-called fabled "invisible hand" -, coined by Adam Smith, was empowered to distribute wealth to all deserving citizens.
  • Miss Maszkeradi had sought precisely such a gruff, ancient tree-like male all her life, to whom she could have been as faithful as to this rooted, bark-bound, impassive trunk that had a face, as in fabled forests of old, hands in pockets, and a waist aslant, in a bored pose.
  • The focus of the Republican Party on economic and foreign policy issues, the economy, military preparedness and a generally libertarian laissez-faire view of the world has, as it were, been replaced by the "religious ethics" of what I'll call the fabled SNL Church Lady's older, stricter, uglier, dumber and terminally self-righteous big sister.

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