IPA: fˈæbrɪk


  • (now rare) An edifice or building.
  • (archaic) The act of constructing, construction, fabrication.
  • (archaic) The structure of anything, the manner in which the parts of a thing are united; workmanship, texture, make.
  • The physical material of a building.
  • (figurative) The framework underlying a structure.
  • A material made of fibers, a textile or cloth.
  • The texture of a cloth.
  • (petrology) The appearance of crystalline grains in a rock.
  • (computing) Interconnected nodes that look like a textile fabric when diagrammed.


  • (transitive) To cover with fabric.

Examples of "fabric" in Sentences

  • The fabric wraps the package.
  • The fascination with dancing was fabricated.
  • The problem is fabrication and falsification.
  • The anecdotes in the article seem fabricated.
  • Fabricating an identification card is illegal.
  • The fabric is slightly stretched by the strut.
  • The fabric was sold as souvenirs on the Midway.
  • Richler repeated the fabrication at the company.
  • The document of an enterprise was easy to fabricate.
  • I am sure the fabric is great, but Goodness, show some class.
  • A fabric or leather pouch in which the pyx may be carried is known as a burse.
  • This field of daisies cotton fabric is something I am looking at for a future sewing project.
  • I also think the fabric is a perfect with the colors of the fresh blueberries and the blueberry ice cream.
  • The fabric is surprisingly soft and comfortable and its durability makes it an excellent choice for home decor.
  • The fabric is 100% eco friendly dyed cotton, each cloth taking up to 3 months to create, ensures that each piece is a one of kind garment.
  • So many lovely prints available and the fabric is so high quality that a new dress can last for many years, especially if you hang it to dry.
  • "It's cramped, it's overused, the fabric is appalling, there's next to no storage facilities, and staff are working in unacceptable conditions."
  • This fabric is also a decorator weight fabric, used for various household things, so it is very sturdy and takes a lot of wear and tear and washings.

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