IPA: fˈæbjʌɫɪst


  • A person who writes or tells fables.
  • (figurative) A liar.

Examples of "fabulist" in Sentences

  • He was a myth maker, a fabulist, a writer of exquisite parables.
  • Fontaine will feel that Gay the fabulist is a writer whose work the world has let die very willingly indeed.
  • I tend to read very unusual fiction - horror, dark fantasy, slipstream and "fabulist" or "New Weird", and anything that touches on gender, race and sexual issues.
  • He is new to the mystery field, but he has published numerous stories he terms "fabulist" that range from speculative fiction to fantasy to quiet atmospheric horror.
  • A shy manifesto, an impractical handbook, the true story of a fabulist, an entire life in parts and pieces, Manhood for Amateurs is the first sustained work of personal writing from Michael Chabon.
  • With an eye ever open for the absurdity of her vocation, Mr. Gottlieb steers us through a thicket of fictions and half-truths about Sarah, many of them perpetrated by the "relentless fabulist" herself.
  • But because it’s Aleksandar Hemon, the stories extend far beyond the immigrant experience; each one is punctuated with unexpected humor and spins out in fabulist, exhilarating directions, ultimately building to an insightful, often heartbreaking conclusion.
  • It is not, to use a rather nebulous term, the "best" book about wine I've read -- that distinction rests with Neal Rosenthal's Reflections of a Wine Merchant -- but it reads like fabulous and fabulist fiction, and that's a real credit to the author, considering it's not fiction at all.
  • "The Children's Hospital, a sprawling and impassioned morality tale in which a catastrophe of biblical scale wipes out nearly all life, human and otherwise, on Earth… despite its weaknesses, The Children's Hospital establishes Chris Adrian as a remarkable American fabulist in the tradition of Melvin Jules Bukiet and Tony Kushner, writers who define and confront the terrifying moral choices of a new century."

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