IPA: fˈæbjuɫʌsɫi


  • In a fabulous manner.
  • In fables.

Examples of "fabulously" in Sentences

  • Now that really does say ruey ruey in Thai: fabulously rich.
  • Calling a fabulously dressed heiress "fearless" gives her a little too much creative credit.
  • Since the wedding, the British press has dubbed Pippa "Her Royal Hotness" and delighted in her sex appeal, calling her "fabulously foxy".
  • What you call the fabulously buttery, slightly gritty, tender, sandy-textured cookies that are so right with tea or coffee may depend on where you live.
  • The economy is down, economic growth is now, inflation is up, debt is up, and the stock markets (and the corporate holdings that they trade) are doing "fabulously" - thank you very much.
  • So if you’re against Social Security or in favor of conservation, you’re really out to transfer a lot of income from the relatively poor—namely you and me—to the relatively rich—namely our fabulously wealthy grandchildren.
  • There were juice boxes in fabulously artificial flavors (with names like OrangeSplosion and FutureBerry), Kellogg’s chocolate-chip cereal snack bars, elaborate Fruit Roll-Ups (the type with tie-dye tattoos that come off on the tongue).

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