IPA: fʌsˈɑd


  • (architecture) The face of a building, especially the front view or elevation.
  • (by extension) The face or front (most visible side) of any other thing, such as an organ.
  • (figuratively) A deceptive or insincere outward appearance.
  • (programming) An object serving as a simplified interface to a larger body of code, as in the facade pattern.

Examples of "facade" in Sentences

  • The side facade is the original.
  • Bottom is the facade of the church.
  • The facade of the building is of two levels.
  • The tower rises to the side of the main facade.
  • The main entrance is in the center of the south facade.
  • To one side of the facade is a quadrilateral bell tower.
  • A clock is centered in the uppermost band of the facade.
  • To one side of the facade is a main entrance of the tower.
  • But cracks are beginning to appear in this facade of disavowal.
  • The facades of the building is in style Baroque and Renaissance.
  • But underneath all the facade is truth and a love for our freedom.
  • Along the main front the facade is protected by a long slice of public green.
  • Do you think lying to the public to maintain a nice facade is the right thing to do?
  • The transpirability of the facade is guaranteed with a TYBEK panel, which protects the wood.
  • The facade is great, actually it creates a very interesting game of lights and shadows in the indside.
  • The only person who can get past your facade is the man who is witty enough to spar with you, and be amused at your blatant attempts to scare your suitors away.
  • Lining the top of the facade is the famous quote: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."
  • The south facade is a curiously flat and blocky affair, only partly leavened by the awkward, two-bay, single-column upper arcade, the unsatisfactorily cinched lower entablature, the four eccentric little ground-floor windows, and the raised platform supporting it all.

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