face guard

IPA: fˈeɪsgˈɑrd


  • face mask consisting of a strong wire mesh on the front of football helmets

Examples of "face-guard" in Sentences

  • His helmet was cylindrical, the _avantaille_, or face-guard, thrown up.
  • All competitors have to be under six, weigh less than 60lbs - and wear a helmet and face-guard.
  • Behind the bars of his face-guard, his eyes turned the last word into a question to the Aes Sedai.
  • Bargnani played with a face-guard after taking an elbow to the nose from Moon in Monday's loss at Utah.
  • Moments before his terrible injury, the goalie (on the left) lost his newly mandated red and white face-guard.
  • The scar from a Trolloc arrow made a white triangle against Ragan's dark cheek behind the bars of his face-guard.
  • Rand was just congratulating himself on getting it right when he noticed Tallanvor, his head still bent, glaring sideways at him from behind his face-guard.
  • "They had Rip (Hamilton) face-guard me a little bit when I didn't have the ball and when I had it, I guess they tried to apply more pressure on the ball," Wade said.
  • When King Arthur dons his armour to do battle with his first enemy, Armitage catches the edge of satirical irony audible in the original's fashion-show breathlessness: "The visor and face-guard were devoid of any defects,/stunningly enamelled and with silver-edged slits."

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