face mask

IPA: fˈeɪsmˈæsk


  • Alternative spelling of facemask [A covering used to protect or disguise the face.]


IPA: fɑtʃɛmˈæsk


  • A covering used to protect or disguise the face.
  • (underwater diving) A full-face diving mask.
  • (medicine) A surgical mask.
  • A mask made of common textiles worn over the mouth and nose, such as a bandana, handkerchief, or scarf.
  • A dust mask.
  • A respirator.
  • A facial mask (cosmetic application).
  • (American football, Canadian football) The part of the helmet that directly covers the face, made of one or more plastic-coated metal bars.
  • (American football, Canadian football) The foul of grasping it during play.

Examples of "facemask" in Sentences

    Examples of "face-mask" in Sentences

    • •All face-mask penalties, "incidental" or not, are 15 yards.
    • Varian's face-mask darkened in response to the change of light and she stopped squinting.
    • The woman invoked Islam as the reason why she wanted to give testimony while wearing a face-mask.
    • They had three turnovers, a near interception that went for a touchdown and a costly face-mask penalty.
    • Everything from Cosmic Yak, to the horse with paintbrush in his mouth to the girl on the tricycle with the sequined face-mask.
    • But such arguments are premised on the myth that a face-mask for women is a necessary part of religiously prescribed Islamic attire.
    • Stull hit Cedric McGee for 13 yards on a crossing play and a face-mask penalty against Syracuse's Nick Santiago moved the ball to midfield.
    • In the latest quarter, sales of face-mask respirators and hand sanitizers were down sharply from a year earlier, when they got a huge boost from the H1N1 flu scare.
    • The only hint of a real personality was when he was shown entering the waves of Southwold fully clothed complete with a vest, snorkel and face-mask; eccentric and a bit potty.

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