IPA: fˈeɪsɔf


  • (ice hockey) The method used to begin play in ice hockey.

face off

IPA: fˈeɪsˈɔf


  • (sports, chiefly ice hockey) The starting point in a match of ice hockey, where two players face each other to snatch the puck.
  • (literal or figurative) A face-to-face confrontation, especially a bitter one.


  • (intransitive) To confront (each other).


IPA: fˈeɪsˈɔf


  • A confrontation or argument between two people or groups
  • (ice hockey) The start of play, when two players try to get control of the puck dropped by the referee

Examples of "face-off" in Sentences

  • Featuring an unforgettable face-off against the Hulk!
  • One of the panelists joked that the video clip of his face-off with Rev.
  • "It's very cordial — at least at the beginning," says Milliner of their face-off.
  • The quest for Mystique is over, and now the no-holds-barred face-off between her and Logan begins.
  • They ended the first game of the two-game face-off with paltry earnings of $4,800 and $10,400 respectively.
  • The streets of London are awash in blood, a zeppelin descends á la Hindenburg, and six of our favorite characters are locked in face-off fights.
  • GM Response: That face-off between doubt and certainty is absolutely one of the biggest challenges we face when we are engaging in conversation about beliefs and values.

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