face powder

IPA: fˈeɪspˈaʊdɝ


  • A cosmetic made from coloured talc, applied to the face.

Examples of "face-powder" in Sentences

  • Easter eggs full of face-powder to the church-going debutantes of the year.
  • Who pays for the asparagus and jelly and face-powder, nobody asks, because everybody knows.
  • I thought of telling her, not so long ago, to get the hamhock out of here and stick it up her face-powder.
  • There were other children, however, and fat mammas in black satin that was greasy and grey at the edges with an overflow of face-powder.
  • And, like strange birds alighting, you had slim and charming girls in organdie frocks and face-powder and bobbed hair, fluttering into the plaza.
  • On the dressing-table there were bottles of Cologne, nail varnish, mascara, face-powder, shampoo, suede-cleaning brushes, packets of cotton wool, sun-glasses and cigarettes.
  • Roucolle and the Pole began swearing on the names of the saints that it was only face-powder; but it was no use, the more they protested the more suspicious the police became.
  • She swept her arm across the top of her dressing-table: one of the bowls hit the floor and burst with a splash of face-powder and there was the sudden pungent reek of spilled perfume.
  • The hem of her abbreviated skirt cried out for the attention of an expert seamstress, her collar was smudged with face-powder, and unless wearing a single earring was the fashion here, she'd lost one of her diamond pendants.

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