face recognition

IPA: fˈeɪsrɛkʌgnˈɪʃʌn


  • the visual perception of familiar faces
  • biometric identification by scanning a person's face and matching it against a library of known faces

Examples of "face-recognition" in Sentences

  • SceneTap A new game called Third Eye uses face-recognition technology to identify whether people have the genetic traits of vampires.
  • An example is the recent hoopla about Facebook's face-recognition software, which helps people identify pictures of their own friends not strangers.
  • Fueling speculation that face recognition could come to the iPhone, Apple last year acquired Polar Rose, a Swedish company that specializes in face-recognition technology.
  • Using face-recognition software, electronic-payment records, receipts and interviews with taxi drivers and hotel staff, they put together a list of suspects and publicized it.
  • "We're at a tipping point where some of these face-recognition technologies are not just gimmicks but are becoming useful," says Jason Mitura , chief product officer at Viewdle.
  • Eastwood and his team, working from the idea that dogs and their owners look alike, created an ad for the Humane Society that used face-recognition technology to match people with pets.
  • Just this week, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh unveiled a study that revealed they could identify people in photos about one-third of the time using face-recognition technologies.
  • In a tale that also relies on face-recognition gizmos—they're deployed as casually as dental floss—the most readily recognizable face belongs to the star, whose features have matured and coarsened with the passage of time.

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