face saver

IPA: fˈeɪssˈeɪvɝ


  • an act that avoids a loss of face (of dignity or prestige)


IPA: fˈeɪsseɪvɝ


  • Something which causes or allows someone to save face; something that preserves someone's honour.

Examples of "face-saver" in Sentences

  • By refusing to negotiate a face-saver, the Democrats blew it, in Mickey's eyes:
  • But, having raised the temperature on the rebate, he can then offer Blair a face-saver.
  • "If they want to pursue our offers to negotiate, they now have the perfect face-saver," said a U.S. official.
  • As a face-saver the telephone call was misconceived, for a little note from Lucy was already in the post for me.
  • The ruling Congress party is keen to push through the food security law, which it sees as a face-saver after being battered by corruption charges.
  • He implacably refused to take part in the opening ceremony his Faust was not suitable, so the objection to the new theatre proved an invaluable face-saver.
  • Briefing journalists and diplomats, Mr Sparks said an impartial international monitoring team would be a face-saver for the South African parties in resumed negotiations.
  • The universal tendency to see paternal resemblance in the baby is a lifesaver for infants because it's a face-saver for men in the event that they aren't really the father.
  • But the plan to highjack the actual UN negotiations, where every word is debated tediously, by bringing in heads of states to come up with a last minute half-deal, which could also be a face-saver for host Mexico, has not gone down well with India.
  • Clearly Mamata is looking for a face-saver knowing very well that if Tata Motors had to leave Bengal, all her electoral gains in recent polls would go ashtray and the Bengali Middle Class - which is the chief motivating force in Bengal politics - would hold her perpetually responsible for Industrial failure in Bengal.

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