face veil

IPA: fˈeɪsveɪɫ


  • a piece of more-or-less transparent material that covers the face

Examples of "face-veil" in Sentences

  • In France, Sarkozy wants to submit a face-veil ban bill to parliament in May, following lengthy debate on the subject.
  • All she needed was the face-veil thing to look like Mrs. ibn Saud, but I decided to compliment her on it to get some conversation going.
  • When she saw him she raised her face-veil and signed to him by moving her eyebrows and her eyes with luring glances, and versified these couplets,
  • The witness would be far more likely to testify without the face-veil in this case, understanding similar necessity requirements in place for her photo ID.
  • Many Muslims have felt stigmatized by a 2004 law that banned Islamic headscarves in classrooms and during the intense debate that preceded the adoption of the face-veil ban last year.
  • Just over a month after France enacted a controversial face-veil ban, the government says it has detained several dozen women wearing the veils, but that enforcing the legislation appears to be going smoothly.
  • Therewith Gharib crave at him and there befel between them a battle such as would make a new-born child turn grey and melt the flinty rock with its sore affray; but presently the Badawi did off his face-veil, and lo! it was

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