IPA: fˈeɪsɫʌs


  • Having no face
  • Having or revealing no individual identity or character; anonymous.
  • Having or revealing no individuality, personality or distinctive characteristics.

Examples of "faceless" in Sentences

  • Faceless background applications.
  • They are not a faceless corporation.
  • It makes it a faceless impulse item.
  • The enemy remains nameless and faceless.
  • It was the first single off of Faceless.
  • Faceless but mouth and the teeth colored black.
  • Germans appear impersonal, faceless and passive.
  • It appears to be some modernist faceless painting.
  • Skulduggery battles the Faceless One and a Necromancer is killed.
  • But do we really partake of life if we remain faceless beings behind a screen?
  • The final confrontation with The Faceless takes place on the desolate prairies.
  • I am amazed at the amount of hatred people spew when they can remain faceless behind their computer or mobile device.
  • Perhaps the availability of this remedy is the reason those responsible for the website have taken steps to remain faceless.
  • The Iraqi dead have been relegated out of the category of human beings and are classified as faceless, inherently evil "insurgents."
  • Unmarried, the pracharaks live sparely, inspiring hundreds of workers while trying to remain faceless, in an effort to eliminate their own egos.
  • Another unknown but dedicated government employee is Pius Bannis, a man even the most jaundiced would find hard to describe as a faceless bureaucrat.
  • The next time someone uses the expression "faceless government bureaucrat" in my presence, they'll have to explain to me why Katie - who knew my parents for all of three months - became such an integral and affectionate member of our family that she was at Dad's funeral to console me and Mom.

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