IPA: fˈeɪspɫeɪt


  • A removable protective shield separating the inner workings of a machine from operator and observer.
  • A rigid flat surface that has an active role in the interaction of a device with an operator or user.
  • A transparent window forming part of a helmet directly in front of the wearer's face, allowing them to see out.

Examples of "faceplate" in Sentences

  • Strontium oxide is preferred for the faceplate.
  • Each console came with a plain white faceplate.
  • This faceplate is able to retract to reveal a mouth.
  • The bed of the machine mounts a spindle with a faceplate.
  • The chassis is silver with a white oval in the faceplate.
  • It is vital to keep closed that faceplate which is pretense.
  • The 3595 and 3590 faceplate and keypad buttons are interchangeable.
  • Coaxial connectors are mounted on the faceplate and extend rearwardly.
  • The size notes the width of the faceplate for the installed equipment.
  • Not every watch that says ‘ROLEX’ on the faceplate is in fact a ROLEX.
  • Alternatively faceplate dogs may be used to secure the work to the faceplate.
  • A photoemissive cathode is disposed on the interior surface of the faceplate.
  • All I can see through the faceplate is infinite space salted with Christmas-light stars.
  • The only drawbacks to purchasing a faceplate is the fact that it only covers the front of your console and the lack of variety.
  • The problem stems from the "faceplate" maximum power load recommendations that hardware vendors place on their products, according to Mark Linesch, HP's vice president for enterprise storage and server software.
  • The only downside of this is the lens 'positioning towards the top right hand corner of the faceplate, meaning that, as with Sony Cyber-shots and Mjus, unwanted fingertips can stray into frame when gripping the camera in both hands to take a steadier shot.

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