IPA: fˈeɪsɝ


  • An unexpected and stunning blow or defeat.
  • (obsolete) A blow in the face, as in boxing; hence, any severe or stunning check or defeat, as in controversy.
  • (obsolete) One who faces; one who puts on a false show; a bold-faced person.
  • A surname.

Examples of "facer" in Sentences

  • I don't know about facer being irregular.
  • Looks like you're being ignored there Facer.
  • Before he could reply, Ike had another "facer" for him.
  • "That from you, and in the presence of Weissmann, is a 'facer'!
  • This would have been a "facer" to any but a true son of Uncle Sam.
  • Facer is also north of the QE , but a distinct community of its own.
  • It was a facer to me, and with quite a pronounced fellow-feeling for
  • Anque io ha essayate a cargar iste imagine, ma io non ha potite facer lo.
  • The facer lifts the top layer, inverts it, and replaces it on the lower layer.
  • Now, having proved you can solve any problem, dear blogging friends, I have a real facer for you.
  • But Mr. Hornaday's reply is such a facer to him and his homocentric theory that he has to do something.
  • This was what Bertie Wooster would have called “a bit of a facer”; I was groping for an apt response when Clark pressed on.
  • This was a "facer"; the librarian seemed to have brought up against a stone wall, but she waited, knowing that a situation, unlike a knot, will sometimes untie itself.
  • In breathless silence the little group of spectators watched his movements, and when, with sharply exhaled breath, he planted a crashing "facer" straight from the shoulder squarely upon the leathern disk they sprang eagerly forward to note the result.

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