IPA: fʌsˈiʃʌsɫi


  • In a facetious or flippant manner; in a manner that treats serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor
  • (dated) In a pleasantly humorous or playful fashion.

Examples of "facetiously" in Sentences

  • Suggesting it as to people whom you do dislike, even if you suggest it facetiously, is mean-spirited.
  • He developed the idea facetiously, whilst John regarded him as he might have watched a performing monkey.
  • [2] Witness his well known pun on the name of his adversary Vigilantius, whom he calls facetiously Dormitantius.
  • The first: At a demonstration in Berlin, our German comrades I do not use the word facetiously, only sadly hoisted a placard reading, “Dresden 1945, Baghdad 2003: the same crime.
  • So it happened that when Missou arrived a few minutes later he found this pair of gentlemen, who were about to flee for their lives, busily inditing what McWilliams had termed facetiously billets-doux.
  • “I know this is not quite the right word”, the inverted commas seem to say, “but I can’t be bothered to think of a better”; or, “please note that I am using this word facetiously”; or, “don’t think I don’t know that this is a cliché”.
  • The Bothie was the name facetiously given by Alexander, Baron Rothie, son of the Marquis of Boarshead, to a house he had built in the neighbourhood, chiefly for the accommodation of his bachelor friends from London during the shooting-season.
  • Beyond Clinton and Palin, Kornblut describes the roadblocks all female candidates must hurdle, dubbed facetiously as "hair, hemlines and husbands," and as she tackles the question of what it will take to win, looks at the women who have successfully maneuvered around them.
  • Indeed, Asperger’s is all over SF, nor did I use the term facetiously in this case, since I suspect (albeit only from a remove, and based only on my interactions with him) that Burt may have some variation of Asperger’s, which would explain (although not necessarily excuse) some of his truculent behavior and inability to process why others might have objections to his actions.

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