IPA: fˈeɪʃʌɫ


  • (medicine) A personal care beauty treatment which involves cleansing and moisturizing of the human face.
  • (film) A kind of early silent film focusing on the facial expressions of the actor.
  • (slang, sports) (in some contact sports) A foul play which involves one player hitting another in the face.
  • (slang, pornography, sex) A sex act of male ejaculation onto another person's face.


  • (relational) Of or affecting the face.
  • (medicine, relational) Concerned with or used in improving the appearance of the face.
  • (transferred sense, law) (of a law or regulation validity) On its face; as it appears (as opposed to on a more probing analysis, as it is applied, etc.).

Examples of "facial" in Sentences

  • The spasms usually spare the facial muscles.
  • The facial disc is pale and the iris is yellow.
  • The facial muscles are strongly affected by anger.
  • Their facial expressions depict gleeful malevolence.
  • I could see the facial expression of the competitors.
  • The facial nerve innervates the muscles of facial expression.
  • These are just examples of what we called facial deformities.
  • The bare facial skin is black, becoming ruddy behind the yellow eye.
  • It contains the sensory and parasympathetic fibers of the facial nerve.
  • Facial palsy is typified by inability to control movement in the facial muscles.
  • As an adult, its pink, naked facial skin and muzzle are framed by a long mane of blonde hairs flecked with brown.
  • She was always getting what she called a facial, from which process she would emerge looking pinker and creamier than ever.
  • Fancies herself to be an up-and-coming performance artist who specializes in facial gesticulations to accompany the sounds of flushing toilets and car alarms.
  • What he lacks in facial-hair stylishness, though, Mr. Bumgarner made up for Sunday night with one of the most dominant pitching performances by a rookie in World Series history.
  • The group likes to pull stunts decrying what it calls facial hair discrimination, such as saving the job of a Ruby Tuesday's employee who was threatened with being fired for violating the company's no facial hair policy.

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