facial recognition

IPA: fˈeɪʃʌɫrɛkʌgnɪʃʌn


  • biometric identification by scanning a person's face and matching it against a library of known faces

Examples of "facial-recognition" in Sentences

  • They claim to have employed a facial-recognition algorithm to classify photos and make them searchable by type.
  • Humans' facial-recognition software cannot help but impose features on inanimate objects with the approximate geometry of a face.
  • Some facial-recognition technologies can even identify individuals, one of the reasons the industry's progress in the field is likely to raise privacy concerns.
  • Investigators used facial-recognition technology to identify suspects who held valid commercial driver's licenses in one name and another license under another name.
  • Whether implemented by Facebook, Google, Apple or some startup that you never heard of, facial-recognition technology has arrived and will only get better and easier to use.
  • Authorities used facial-recognition technology to arrest 11 bus drivers Friday, including four who work for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, as part of a crackdown on drivers with allegedly phony licenses.
  • The U.S. hasn't released further details about the tests, but officials have cited other factors used in the identification: an unspecified facial-recognition test and intelligence pointing to his location in the raided compound in Pakistan.
  • Gesture- and facial-recognition technologies have been in development for years, especially for security purposes, and more recently for video gaming, but prices have dropped sharply in the past few years, encouraging the ad industry to experiment.
  • As the British police, armed with the latest facial-recognition technology, go through the footage captured by their numerous closed-circuit TV cameras and study chat transcripts and geolocation data, they are likely to identify many of the culprits.
  • Several counties in Florida are now using a facial-recognition system to compare images of suspects against a "database of photos from other counties, the state prison system and federal Drug Enforcement Administration," according to the Sun Sentinel.

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