IPA: fʌsˈɪɫʌteɪt


  • To make easy or easier.
  • To help bring about.
  • To preside over (a meeting, a seminar).

Examples of "facilitate" in Sentences

  • It facilitates the assimilation of ideas.
  • The token system facilitated the economy.
  • That should facilitate the calculation of the radius.
  • The purpose of the template is to facilitate navigation.
  • They forced the president to facilitate the investigation.
  • Beijing was particularly irked by her offer to have Washington "facilitate" such initiatives.
  • Ambassador Margaret Scobey that the shift was made to "facilitate" better relations with Egypt's government.
  • Almost all non-functional programmers are unaware that tail calls facilitate a programming paradigm that they have never seen.
  • What research has shown though is that the interruptions that emails and phone calls facilitate affect our ability to remember things.
  • At one point during the interrogation he was visited by three FBI agents who asked similar questions and agreed to "facilitate" his release if he would provide them information.
  • Graham, who represents several neighborhoods with high concentrations of Hispanic residents, said the legislation would "facilitate" the granting of drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants.
  • Calliflower Premium is designed to help business users of Web conference-calling facilitate active participation in calls, share agendas and documents, coordinate participants 'schedules, capture and share information discussed during conferences, and manage agreements, action items and follow-ups to keep projects moving.

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