IPA: fʌsɪɫʌtˈeɪʃʌn


  • The act of facilitating or making easy.
  • (physiology) The process of synapses becoming more capable of transmitting the same type of signal each time certain types of sensory signals pass through sequences of these synapses.

Examples of "facilitation" in Sentences

  • We could now ask for the first time: Was cAMP directly involved in facilitation?
  • In the third session, we talked about facilitation, aka Hack Jam 101, for our fellow MOUSE Corps students.
  • The U.K. law, for instance, covers corruption of commercial as well as government officials and doesn't allow for so-called facilitation payments, effectively minor bribes.
  • Clarify the definition of facilitation (i.e.,: from the Latin word, "facil" meaning to make easy) and that, as extension workers, we all need effective skills for helping, guiding or facilitating a group or group process.
  • Ganapathy, the general secretary, the supreme leader of the Maoists made it clear recently that his war against the government would only intensify if it doesn't stop what he calls the facilitation of the plunder of Chhattisgarh.
  • And it's been very instrumental in leading WTO members to negotiate within this Doha round, a specific chapter about trade facilitation, which is streamlining customer procedures, counselor fees, pre-shipment expansion, licensing requirements.
  • Before we leave this two-week module on what facilitation is and is not, I wanted to add some thoughts about different sorts of facilitation, based on some of the people I work with and what I think are interestingly evolved perspectives on the subject. we don't even use the word facilitation - rather, we speak of "hosts" that help create the context for generative conversations.

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