IPA: fʌsˈɪɫʌteɪtɪv


  • Having the effect of making easy; assisting, easing or facilitating.

Examples of "facilitative" in Sentences

  • The following two interactions are facilitative.
  • The act directly altered the facilitative circuit of technology.
  • And if her role was primarily of a supportive, facilitative nature, how are we to measure her – or any such individual's – contributions to history?
  • But the true purpose of all religions is to help facilitative a connection to this deeper reality, and the mystical experience is the original spark that informs religions.
  • Ensure that Meetup-like services are available at low (or no) cost (if demand for these key services proves to be elastic as to price) and subsidize facilitative technologies, such as group decision-making software.
  • The review said that since 2002, Canada has adopted an increasingly "facilitative" approach to foreign students - no longer requiring students to attend class, making it easier to extend the length of study permits and allowing students to work for up to two years after they complete their studies.
  • I think about the success my own coursebook series has had over the past couple of years (a 24-book series that focuses on “skills” – rather similar to the notional/functional approach you describe above, with “strategies” treated as facilitative actions that build on broader communicative skills), and it seems to be pretty good evidence that an applied (as opposed to unapplied) system still has resonance with learners and schools.

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