IPA: fʌsˈɪɫʌteɪtɝ


  • Something that facilitates
  • A person who helps a group to have an effective dialog without taking any side of the argument, especially in order to reach a consensus.

Examples of "facilitator" in Sentences

  • The facilitator observes and waits.
  • He was a facilitator, a shaper and a molder.
  • The role of a mediator is to be a facilitator.
  • The facilitator maintains or develops the design.
  • To act as their facilitator is completely deceiving.
  • The film of the "Plastic" debate at the Dirt Café London, with Gill as facilitator, is now available cheers, Plot
  • A skilled facilitator is key, however, at least until the participants become comfortable with the process, and will probably always be necessary to maintain order.
  • The job of the forum manager or facilitator is to build and maintain a participatory audience by keeping message volume in check and mediating disputes in a fair manner.
  • The force most likely to prevent Clinton from inadvertently assuming the role of facilitator is the compelling drive on the right for political, as opposed to policy, victory.
  • We also had a guest facilitator from the Small Industries Development Organization who came from Mtwara and taught the members how to make peanut butter, jam, nutritious flour, and mango chutney.
  • Saxo Bank's business model is often described as a facilitator model where the bank through its trading platforms offers liquidity, products and services to clients as obtained from other financial institutions.

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