IPA: fæksˈɪmʌɫi


  • (countable) A copy or reproduction.
  • (uncountable) Reproduction in the exact form as the original.
  • A fax, a machine for making and sending copies of printed material and images via radio or telephone network.
  • The image sent by the machine itself.


  • (transitive) To send via a facsimile machine; to fax.
  • (transitive) To make a copy of; to reproduce.

Examples of "facsimile" in Sentences

  • The sheet music may be facsimiles of the original.
  • I've never seen the original facsimile of the publication.
  • The fourth volume contains a facsimile of the 1837 edition.
  • The British Library published a facsimile of the Psalter in 2006.
  • I'm curious about the origin of the left most part of this facsimile.
  • The weapon turned out to be a facsimile copy of a popular model handgun.
  • The British Museum published a facsimile of the original manuscript in 2000.
  • This facsimile was later published without the lacuna in the Book of Abraham.
  • The main formula can be seen in the second half of the facsimile given above.
  • A facsimile of the Gospels of Henry the Lion is displayed in the local museum.
  • Facsimile text of earlier edition printed in offset facsimile from the original pages.
  • At some point, it will also show up in facsimile form at the Fine Lifestyles Regina website.
  • For features, the magazines buy one-time print rights and non-exclusive web rights (the magazine appears in facsimile online).
  • First you tell us the .338 or reasonable facsimile is the perfect all around gun ... now you're pretty much advocating shooting at ranges beyond 300 yards.
  • -- Ed. [126] This is a facsimile from the Old English translation; and the same, with Latin and French names, are introduced in the early editions of each language.
  • The idea of a truly perfect simulation or facsimile is so distant from any current human experience that our intuitions presume that the experience must be flawed or “hollow” in some respect.
  • After well-received productions in both London and New York as well as a motion picture, this LA facsimile is a bit of a departure in that it does not benefit from any of the original cast or direction common to these prior incarnations.

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