IPA: fˈækt


  • Something actual as opposed to invented.
  • Something which is real.
  • Something concrete used as a basis for further interpretation.
  • An objective consensus on a fundamental reality that has been agreed upon by a substantial number of experts.
  • Information about a particular subject, especially actual conditions and/or circumstances.
  • (databases) An individual value or measurement at the lowest level of granularity in a data warehouse.
  • (archaic) Action; the realm of action.
  • (law, obsolete except in set phrases) A wrongful or criminal deed.
  • (obsolete) A feat or meritorious deed.
  • (UK) Initialism of Federation Against Copyright Theft.
  • (US) Initialism of Federation of American Consumers and Travelers.

Examples of "fact" in Sentences

  • I am not condemning you, but the fact is the fact.
  • Investigators sift through facts, false information.
  • The declarative memory memorizes facts, and information.
  • The facts are the facts, whether they are flattering or not.
  • The mere fact that the data came from the Ohio DOE is unimportant.
  • The idea of any encyclopedia is to inform, not obfuscate the facts.
  • This is the fact and the article should relay the fact to the readers.
  • Everybody is trying to put the facts and enrich and share the knowledge.
  • I understand your somewhat visceral reaction, but the facts are the facts.
  • In fact, the amount of information in this thread is becoming quite forbidding.
  • The truth is an important one; the fact (for it is a _fact_) is a valuable illustration of it.
  • Strangely, the most interesting fact (if _fact_ it be) that it builds a floating nest, gains scarcely more than chance notice from its historians.
  • They will accept the fact that "I-am-as-good-as-you-are" only when I prove it in brain, in brawn, in courtesy, in mental agility, in business acumen, in service -- in a word, _in fact_.
  • But the way in which such Appearance or fact shaped itself, -- what sort of _fact_ it became for him, -- was and is modified by his own laws of thinking; deep, subtle, but universal, ever-operating laws.
  • The plain fact is, that such identities as these must indicate one of two things: a common tradition, locally modified by circumstances; or a _fact in nature_ or _history_, symbolically expressed in different ways according to the times and modes.
  • And again I believe that it will be led to its result very largely by what is, after all, perhaps the profoundest thought of Kant, the conviction that the most illuminating fact of all is the _fact_ of the absolute and unconditional obligatoriness of the law of right.
  • The very fact that he himself is punished for something quite arguable ´bogus´ meaning ´fact´ instead of ´opinion´...is disproportionate, as calling a treatment bogus, can never be seen as a fact it would mean my doctor would give me a litteral bogus if i came for a prescription.
  • In a Logic suitably reformed on this basis, it will be fitting to proclaim before all things this truth, and to draw from it all its consequences: the logical fact, _the only logical fact_, is _the concept_, the universal, the spirit that forms, and in so far as it forms, the universal.
  • From this conversation, together with previous ones, held with the same negro, and from after developments made to me at various places, and at different times, extending over a period of six weeks, I became acquainted with the fact -- and I _know_ it to be a _fact_ -- that there exists among the blacks a secret and wide-spread organization of a
  • We are sorry to differ from your Excellency, but, really, Sir, we cannot consider an acknowledgment of our independence as a subject to be treated about; for while we feel ourselves to be independent in fact, and know ourselves to be so of right, we can see but one cause from whence an acknowledgment of it can flow as an effect, viz. _the existence and truth of the fact_.

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