IPA: fˈæktfˈaɪndɪŋ


  • The determination of factual information.


  • Designed to determine factual information; investigative.


IPA: fˈæktfˈaɪndɪŋ


  • Alternative form of fact-finding [The determination of factual information.]

Examples of "fact-finding" in Sentences

  • Three Republican congressmen have toured Alberta's oilsands as part of what is being called a fact-finding mission.
  • … Tuesday as an epic fact-finding probe ruled that their loved ones were innocent and the soldiers entirely to blame for the 1972 slaughter.
  • They were on a graveled state road, somewhere south of Julesburg, feeling their way along on one of Tammen’s so-called fact-finding missions.
  • The chair of the Commission of Inquiry, Cherif Bassiouni, does not mince his words as he presents the conclusions of the fact-finding mission to the U.N. Human Rights Council.
  • Tuesday's report, by a state-appointed fact-finding mission, said 846 protesters were killed in the violence - a death toll more than twice that of previous official estimates.
  • The highly anticipated event has been described as a fact-finding session that will focus on understanding how the bird flu studies done at Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands and at the University of Wisconsin were performed and overseen by the relevant authorities.

Examples of "factfinding" in Sentences

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