IPA: fæktˈɪʃʌs


  • Created by humans; artificial.
  • Counterfeit, fabricated, fake.

Examples of "factitious" in Sentences

  • Are there people with factitious disorders
  • An underestimated reason is factitious fever.
  • Ganser syndrome is a separate factitious disorder.
  • Three papers contained experiments of factitious air.
  • Pathological lying is not a kind of factitious disorder.
  • Consistent factitious editing raises hackles, that is all.
  • Originally, this term was used for all factitious disorders.
  • This is a factitious name by a person wishing to remain anonymous.
  • The perpetrator receives a diagnosis of factitious disorder by proxy.
  • No true psychiatric medications are prescribed for factitious disorder.
  • Munchausen s syndrome is one of group of conditions known as factitious disorders.
  • In that context I feel like it isn't the established word factitious, but rather a new one meaning "half-factual, half-fictional".
  • The condition known as factitious disorder makes its sufferers believe that they are about to die at the hands of a terminal illness.
  • It is in a class of disorders known as factitious disorders which involve "illnesses" whose symptoms are either self-induced or falsified by the patient ...
  • My sentiment and my reason combat more than ever the idea of factitious distinctions, the inequality of conditions imposed as a right acquired by some, as a loss deserved by others.
  • As the malevolent violence of the drug conflict begins to spread north over the border, the U.S. and Mexico are in no position to be engaging in what some would call factitious trade disputes.
  • Besides beer, the Egyptians had what Pliny calls factitious, or artificial, wine, extracted from various fruits, as figs, _myxas_, pomegranates, as well as herbs, some of which were selected for their medicinal properties.
  • It is known also that the Japan camphor, termed factitious, will evaporate till it wholly disappears, and at all stages of its diminution retain its full proportion of strength; which does not seem the property of an adulterated or compounded body.

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