IPA: fˈæktɔɪd


  • An inaccurate statement or statistic believed to be true because of broad repetition, especially if cited in the media.
  • (originally Canada, US) An interesting item of trivia; a minor fact.

Examples of "factoid" in Sentences

  • Either the factoid is in or not.
  • Provide a source for this factoid.
  • See the calculations for the factoid above.
  • An interesting historical factoid if you will.
  • As such it appears as a useless factoid to me.
  • They seem to be a patchwork of unrelated factoids.
  • As the article stands, there is a problem with that factoid.
  • Either remove the factoid, or keep the consequential factoid.
  • Neat factoid, but an encyclopedia is not a factoid collection.
  • I consolidated the redundancies and stripped out the arcane factoids.
  • An interesting factoid is that the extra 10% tax on new cars was started sometime in the mid 1980s as a temporary tax.
  • The refusal to disclose the mathematical calculations used to create the 740,000 factoid is itself cause for serious suspicion; our own calculations indicate that the 740,000 figure is far toohigh.
  • So the court does interpret Satanism as philosophical religion and does it grant it certain rights under the First Amendment this factoid is appreciated, however could be also damaging in the future when liberals examine the facts that most Satanic Religions are simply created by people over the Internet.

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