IPA: gˈæbfʌst


  • (slang, chiefly US) An occasion (such as a meeting) where people talk at length.

Examples of "gabfest" in Sentences

  • It's time to wrap up this gabfest.
  • Climate change spokeswoman Christine Milne described the assembly as a "gabfest" and
  • Pattinson and de Ravin’s live interview on the Emmy-winning morning gabfest is set for March 2.
  • Sharon Osbourne has confirmed the rumor that she'll be talking a break from CBS' lady-bunch gabfest The Talk after just one season.
  • Most noticeably, my favorite panel, the annual State of the Industry gabfest with the heads of all the major comic book companies, is MIA.
  • He gets placement on a major Sunday morn gabfest despite what can be rightfully labeled as his touting of inflammatory wingnut hallicinations.
  • That's why, Adler explains in an editor's letter, Reuters has decided to produce a magazine specifically designed for the gabfest known as Davos.
  • Maybe that's why last month's diplomatic gabfest just didn't have the same feel, the same excitement and side-splitting hilarity that these sessions generally have.
  • The former View co-host — whose self-titled gabfest earned 25 Emmys between 1998-2002 — will take the lead on a syndicated talk program set to premiere in the fall of 2011, E!
  • (CNN) -- CNN launches its new gabfest starring Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker - hoping, writes our colleague Howard Kurtz, to "create that mixture of warmth and tension known as chemistry."
  • On the big day, commentators including Sharon Osbourne from CBS's daytime gabfest "The Talk," and NBC, ABC and CBS news correspondents will be stationed at Canada Gate, a gilded wrought-iron portal into Green Park across the street from Buckingham Palace.

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