IPA: gˈeɪbʌɫ


  • (architecture) The triangular area at the peak of an external wall adjacent to, and terminating, two sloped roof surfaces (pitches).
  • (obsolete) A cable.
  • A surname.

Examples of "gable" in Sentences

  • On the gable and on the dormer there are finials.
  • There is a dovecot and a pig sty on its gable end.
  • A plain parapet runs along the tops of the eaves and gables.
  • In the apex of the gable is the cartouche of the police force.
  • Pilasters, cornices and gables enliven the facade of the building.
  • The bookcases are made of dark oak with carved and lettered gables.
  • Two gabled dormers interrupt the roofline on the front of the home.
  • All of the beaded siding was removed save for that under the gables.
  • Two all-weather-wicker chaises face each other under the main gable.
  • The braces are on the gabled sides of roofs, supporting the wide eaves.
  • On the gable was a newer sign heralding "Jared Chick & Father, Inventors."
  • At the apex of the gable is a niche containing a small statue of St. Peter.
  • The pediment of the portico is in reality a gable to the roof of the church.
  • Above the gable is a further arch, the ribs of which join the gable at its exterior angles.
  • At Clackmannan the dial on the lower end of a gable is circular on a square basis, and surmounted by a cherub's head.
  • The gable is a low slope like the present roof, but the slope of the old gable and roof may be seen upon the east wall of the transept.
  • At each side of the gable is a pinnacle, almost a copy of those on the front, except that the lowest stage is here octagonal instead of square.
  • The wall felt warm to her back and shoulders, and she found that immediately within the gable was the cottage fireplace, the heat of which came through the bricks.
  • One lord of Ulland had expressed his fancy on the eastern façade in gable and sculptured gargoyle; another his fear or his defiance in the squat and sturdy tower with its cautious slits in lieu of windows.
  • The south end of the Transept differs from the north in the arrangement of the windows; in the gable is a low Perpendicular window of seven lights, sunk within a deep recess; the north end has in the upper tier two large Perpendicular windows side by side.

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