gable end

IPA: gˈeɪbʌɫˈɛnd


  • (architecture) The side of a building which is topped by a gable

Examples of "gable-end" in Sentences

  • Same with cocked hats; the cocks form gable-end eave-troughs, Flask.
  • Fig. 143: Detail of fixing the ridge ventilator to the gable-end wall.
  • The gable-end of the cottage was stained with wet, and the eavesdroppings flapped against the wall.
  • Note the arches: semi-circular (verandah), Dutch (doors and windows), and corbel (upper ventilation of the gable-end).
  • Buildings that lack a solid foundation, such as mobile homes, are usually destroyed, and gable-end roofs are peeled off.
  • The wooden walls of the house -- that is, its front and west gable-end -- are still protected from the sun by the roof (common to the house proper and the terrace).
  • The road up which Westerman had ridden led under the garden-wall to the farm-yard, but another road from the front, running along the gable-end of the house, communicated with it.
  • He trotted up till he faced the garden-wall, and then turned short round to the house, and as he rode close up under the gable-end, he gave Sergeant Craucher directions to take three men and force the door; but he and the sergeant soon saw that this trouble was spared them, for the door stood wide open before them.

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