gable roof

IPA: gˈeɪbʌɫrˈuf


  • (roofing) A single-ridge roof that terminates at gable ends.

Examples of "gable-roof" in Sentences

  • They nested in their old corner under the eaves of Caspar's gable-roof.
  • It is two stories high, with a third story of attic chambers in the gable-roof.
  • At last it alighted on a lofty gable-roof, on whose ridge was its firmly-fastened nest.
  • He sits on the gable-roof of the Parthenon, and views the Athenians as ants, while they are lions, with their claws pared and their teeth drawn.
  • The Swiss, or hanging style of gable-roof is designed to give a more sheltered effect to the elevation than to run the end walls to a peak in the point of the roof.
  • On the southern coast of the beautiful Island of Hayti, in a pleasant valley, stands a small wooden house, whose front is covered with climbing vines, and whose windows are filled with flowers; doves coo softly on the gable-roof, and a white cat lies purring on the threshold.
  • And it was in this wall that there opened a certain door to the Close which was never locked -- a little door, painted a gleaming white, through which the Orphanage babies came, to be laid in the great soft-quilted basket that stood on a stone block beneath a low gable-roof of stone.
  • The old church, with its characteristic Tyrolese belfry and steep gable-roof, is charmingly mediæval; and the view from the meadows at the back of the Nave d'Oro, bringing in the two churches and looking straight up the Val Travignolo to where the Cimon della Pala and the Cima della Vezzana tower up against the distant horizon, seemed to me quite worth a careful sketch.

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