gable wall

IPA: gˈeɪbʌɫwˈɔɫ


  • the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof

Examples of "gable-wall" in Sentences

  • And its shattering blast went forward, and beat back from the gable-wall
  • In the other gable-wall he saw a low and broad window with many little panes.
  • He threw the letter into her lap, and drew back to the other side of the gable-wall.
  • The entrance door was in a gable-wall at the side of the fireplace, and so narrow that it was more like a wicket than a door.
  • Out in the shelter of the gable-wall of the House sat Kongstrup, well wrapped up, and gazing straight before him with expressionless eyes.
  • Having signed the agreement, there was nothing more for Tess to do at present than to get a lodging, and she found one in the house at whose gable-wall she had warmed herself.
  • The cliff seemed in all ways like every other cliff, but Reor noticed instantly that he had come upon the gable-wall of a giant's house, and he discovered under moss and lichen the great hinges on which the mountain's granite door swung.
  • He had bitten through his under lip, his eyes were wide open and not swollen nor starting out of his head; he had driven his axe into the gable-wall so hard that it had gone in up to the middle of the blade, and that was why it was not softened.

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