IPA: gˈeɪbʌɫd


  • Having one or more gables.

Examples of "gabled" in Sentences

  • The exterior walls sweep up three stories to a gabled roof.
  • Two gabled dormers interrupt the roofline on the front of the home.
  • The braces are on the gabled sides of roofs, supporting the wide eaves.
  • Its gabled roof echoes the peaks of barns that dot Ohio's rural landscape.
  • There are also amenities such as hardwood floors, a fireplace, a porch, and a gabled roof.
  • Only a civilization deep and wide and old and strong could produce this far-walled, many-gabled roof of kings.
  • When I pull into his street, I wonder whether I have take a wrong turn: The gabled homes are tidy and uniform, and the neighborhood exudes an air of suburban rectitude.
  • And there was the manor, tucked away in this sequestered spot, but noted as a particularly fine Elizabethan gabled mansion – though on a modest scale compared with a great Somerset house like Montacute.
  • Its gable shape stands as the prototype of features noted in important Irish art treasures such as the gabled top of the Monasterboice Muireadach sculptured Cross and the gable shape of the Moneymusk reliquary (a case for relics of Colmcille, preserved from 1315 in Moneymusk House and now in the Edinburgh Museum.)
  • So her golden mantle indicates that it is a glorious and excellent justice beyond that which unchristian men conceive; while the severely falling lines of the folds, which form a kind of gabled niche for the head of the Pope beneath, correspond with the strictness of true Church discipline firmer as well as more luminous statute.

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