IPA: gˈædi


  • Alternative form of gadi [(India) A cushioned throne used by Indian princes.]

Examples of "gaddi" in Sentences

  • I see you also found a book on Gaddi land in Chamba.
  • He was the son and pupil of the painter Taddeo Gaddi.
  • The Gaddi are also found in the Punjab province of Pakistan.
  • The word Gaddi is almost become synonymous with milk selling.
  • This is the well-known Chengali gaddi of the Telugu districts.
  • (En-gaddi) from the 'Ain Feshkah in the common way of travelling.
  • The society is dedicated to work for evolution the Gaddi community.
  • The Gaddi are a community that has been associated with cattle farming.
  • A small number of Gaddi are employed as labourers in the construction industry.
  • Sunaparant had mercilessly attacked Ravi Naik for usurping the chief ministerial gaddi (throne).
  • They allege that a big temple is being constructed in place of a small 100-year-old Durga 'gaddi' (temple) that was recently demolished.
  • Mulayam set the condition in his Lok Sabha constituency of Mainpuri amid surging confidence in his camp that the SP with at least 20 Lok Sabha seats would be in a position to extract its pound of flesh from aspirants to the Delhi gaddi.
  • If you are not feeling hungry and looking for a bit of an escape, take a 'gaddi' (vehicle), ask your driver to put on a Bollywood number (he is sure to have the latest CDs), and go on a safari to one of the game parks Kenya is famous for.
  • Seven years in the making, Emperor Shah Jahan thought as he ascended the three steps to the Peacock Throne and sank down on the main gaddi —a mattress thickly stuffed with cotton and upholstered in red velvet embroidered in gold zari and minute pearls.

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