IPA: gˈædfɫaɪ


  • Any dipterous (“two-winged”) insect or fly of the family Oestridae (commonly known as a botfly) or Tabanidae (horsefly), noted for irritating animals by buzzing about them, and biting them to suck their blood; a gadbee.
  • (figuratively, also attributively)
  • A person or thing that irritates or instigates.
  • (specifically) A person who upsets the status quo by posing novel or upsetting questions, or attempts to stimulate innovation by being an irritant.
  • Synonym of gadabout (“a person who restlessly moves from place to place, seeking amusement or the companionship of others”)
  • (derogatory, slang) A person who takes without giving back; a bloodsucker.

Examples of "gadfly" in Sentences

  • There's a time to be the gadfly.
  • The actual gadfly page is about the insect.
  • He got to the point of being called a gadfly.
  • Even to the point of being called a gadfly, he kept nagging.
  • Clarke was described as a gadfly of Harlem intellectual life.
  • The second argument is that his career as a gadfly is notable.
  • The taxonomy of the gadfly petrels is being reformed at the moment.
  • This is a list of the birds that belong to the group gadfly petrels.
  • However, Diefenbaker proved a gadfly and an annoyance to Mackenzie King.
  • As for the Gadfly link, I'll get rid of it for now and consult other editors.

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