IPA: gˈædʒʌt


  • (obsolete) A thing whose name cannot be remembered; thingamajig, doohickey.
  • Any device or machine, especially one whose name cannot be recalled. Often either clever or complicated.
  • (informal) Any consumer electronics product.
  • (computing) A sequence of machine code instructions crafted as part of an exploit that attempts to divert execution to a memory location chosen by the attacker.
  • (computer science) A technique for converting a part of one problem to an equivalent part of another problem. Used in constructing reductions.

Examples of "gadget" in Sentences

  • I see the gadgets and gizmos.
  • The black gadget is the oil drop.
  • Are you interested in updating the gadget
  • How does the gadget in the preferences work
  • The gadget sends back the command and the hash.
  • The gadget version usually makes the most sense.
  • The gadget is triggered based on the user action.
  • The folds of the robe concealed various weapons and gadgets.
  • The gadget and the toaster are both clients, the reflector is a server.
  • Gadget is hypnotized too, but breaks the spell by falling into the record.
  • But the gadget is a lot easier to carry than a paper-back dictionary which is also very limited.

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