IPA: gˈædʒɪtˈɪr


  • Someone interested in, or owning a lot of, gadgets.

Examples of "gadgeteer" in Sentences

  • Related stories iTeddy MP3 Player for the little gadgeteer
  • The three guys between the gals are a gamer teenager, a digital gadgeteer, and an executive with computers integral to how he does business.
  • His corporate second-in-command and all purpose gadgeteer Lucius Fox is appalled, objecting that this is too much power for one man to wield.
  • A lot of it has to do with the art, but the crazy story is great too, and uses Batman as a detective, a gadgeteer, a fistfighter, and a superhero.
  • He's been identified early on as a genius gadgeteer, so he builds elaborate machines to automate the services of a dog hotel with an ever-expanding guest register.
  • As you enter a nondescript building at Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Washington, you are met with enough cutting edge technology to make any gadgeteer gleeful.
  • The self-described "gadgeteer" warns that mobile medicine may not work as well for the "non-techie, non-geeky kind of doctor" and that he still has concerns about privacy, physician workload, payment plans, diagnostic accuracy and medical-legal risks.
  • Watch the last 2 Steve Jobs presentations for Apple New Product Releases (Motorola Itunes Phone, Black Ipod Nano, Itunes 4. 9-5.1, Harry Potter Audio Books Exclusive, Ipod Video, Skinnier Imac 20 Media Centre, Lost + Desperate Housewives on Ipod day after they are on TV for $1.99) - The Nano has barely been out a month and its a household name, at least where there is a teenager, or geek gadgeteer at heart.

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