IPA: gˈædʒʌtri


  • (uncountable) machines, technology
  • (countable, usually in the plural) A gadget.

Examples of "gadgetry" in Sentences

  • He took all the gadgetry faux pas lightly.
  • Jane is obsessed with fashion and new gadgetry.
  • SLW: What kind of gadgetry do you get to use in the film?
  • Most of the time the Gold Box presents highly irrelevant gadgetry.
  • She refuses to acquire any modern gadgetry, and does not watch TV.
  • The theme of student gadgetry appears frequently throughout the film.
  • The species has an instinctive affinity towards gadgetry and machines.
  • Nor do I think that the increasing complexity of gadgetry was relevant.
  • I don't want to see my efforts undermined for the sake of technical gadgetry.
  • Plantman has extensive knowledge of gardening, and an aptitude towards gadgetry.
  • But given the uncertainty of the times, a bargain on last year's gadgetry is just fine for many of us.
  • After all, who needs the kind of gadgetry that requires an instructional booklet just to get dirt-free pores?
  • Over the past decade and a half I’ve been braying to one and all about the pernicious effect that high-tech gadgetry is having on hunting.
  • Read this post, and then ask yourself what kind of gadgetry-strategy the US military has in Afghanistan when i ts plan is to somehow create lightweight MRAPs that are (somehow) just as protective
  • That kind of gadgetry is a natural for startups, and dozens - some of the more prominent include Tendril Networks, Control4, EnergyHub, Onzo, OpenPeak, AlertMe and Energy Inc. - have entered the field.
  • I'm a tech, I'm into medical gadgetry, which is mostly high-tech stuff like Mr. Bono talked about. the first wish is to use the epilepsy responsive neurostimulator, called RNS, for responsive neurostimulator -- that's a brilliant acronym -- for the treatment of other brain disorders.

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