IPA: gˈæf


  • A tool consisting of a large metal hook with a handle or pole, especially the one used to pull large fish aboard a boat.
  • A minor error or faux pas, a gaffe.
  • A trick or con.
  • (nautical) The upper spar used to control a gaff-rigged sail.
  • (LGBT) A type of tight, panty-like underwear worn to hold the male genitalia tucked backwards and make one's genital region look smooth, as if one had a vulva.
  • Rough or harsh treatment; criticism.
  • (dated) An outcry; nonsense.
  • (Ireland; Britain, especially Manchester, Cockney and Glaswegian; slang) A place of residence.
  • (UK, slang, dated) A disreputable, low-end theatre.
  • A surname.
  • (informal, uncountable) Clipping of gaffer tape. [A sturdy adhesive tape, made of plastic reinforced with cross-linked fibre, often used by stage lighting electricians.]


  • To use a gaff, especially to land a fish.
  • To cheat or hoax.
  • (transitive) To doctor or modify for deceptive purposes.
  • (slang, obsolete) To gamble, especially by tossing coins.
  • (transitive, informal) To affix gaffer tape to, or cover with gaffer tape.

Examples of "gaff" in Sentences

  • The gaff serves as a boat hook.
  • This is the biggest gaffe in the film.
  • Thanks for the tactful hadling of my gaffe.
  • This does not fit the definition of a gaffe.
  • He was the king of the propositional gaff bet.
  • A gaff in the sail is supported at the top by a spar.
  • The halyard is attached to a fixed point on the gaff.
  • This gaffe was the major turning point in the campaign.
  • So this gaff is all the reporters fault for being insecure?
  • The first rule of the gaff is never use one when a net will do.
  • It was square rigged on the main mast, with a gaff rig on the mizzen.
  • The gaff is suspended from the mast and rises and falls with the sail.
  • At the same time, they called the gaff reprehensible, but that's not all.
  • A small hand gaff is a good idea if you plan on landing a fish for dinner.
  • This gaff is not to be used for fishing, but to be hung as a collector's piece.
  • The owner's bravery in recognising the nom-de-gaff is outstanding and to be aplauded.
  • And surprisingly, there are many situations when a gaff is a better tool than a landing net for releasing fish.
  • "How d'ye do, Ole," Charley greeted a big blue-shirted Swede who was greasing the jaws of the main gaff with a piece of pork rind.
  • It will be interesting to see if this proves, once again, the truth of the old saying that in Washington, D.C. the definition of a "gaff" is slipping up and telling the truth.

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