IPA: gˈæf


  • A foolish and embarrassing error, especially one made in public.

Examples of "gaffe" in Sentences

  • This is the biggest gaffe in the film.
  • Thanks for the tactful hadling of my gaffe.
  • This does not fit the definition of a gaffe.
  • This gaffe was the major turning point in the campaign.
  • Coakley committed a number of gaffes during the campaign.
  • Remember, a gaffe is when a politician says what they mean.
  • But this gaffe is for the best – even lamescream media wrote about it and political victims is what we need now.
  • The latest verbal gaffe from the tea party-backed contender came when she squared off in a debate against Democratic opponent Chris Coons.
  • If the definition of a gaffe is a politician accidentally telling the truth, this is absolutely, positively, one hundred percent gaffetastic:
  • The remarks were so bizarre some observers dismissed them as just another gaffe from a candidate dogged by allegations of infidelity and sending pornographic images by email.

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