IPA: gˈæfɝ


  • (film) A chief lighting technician for a motion-picture or television production.
  • A glassblower.
  • (colloquial) An old man.
  • (UK, informal) The leader of a group or team, such as a boss, foreman, coach, or publican.
  • A sailor.
  • (Canada) The baby in the house.
  • A surname.

Examples of "gaffer" in Sentences

  • Gaffer and Tetley go back a long way.
  • Gaffer used the first cube shaped lighting balloon.
  • 'The gaffer was a centre-half and he wasn't bad, was he?
  • He then used gaffer tape to hold the new door into place.
  • They must not have asked their gaffer if it were possible.
  • Is that ok with you, you seem to be the gaffer round here.
  • It's a chance to play and a chance to impress the gaffer here.
  • Peckinpah has a cameo as a sound gaffer during an interview scene.
  • The Screaming Gaffers win, due to the DJ and Chef Hatchet alliance.
  • Gaffer is a traditional British English word for an older man or boss.
  • It is named for the gaffer, the head of the lighting department on a film crew.
  • I don't think "gaffer" fits the "respectful form of address to a professional".
  • That same night Robert went to call on the "gaffer," Black Jock, and as he neared the door he met Mysie Maitland.
  • If you've ever watched the credits of a movie you've seen the word "gaffer"---he's the head electrictian on the set.
  • "scorchio" at 1300, and our gaffer is a powerful right-handed all-rounder from Preston who can turn a game with bat or ball.
  • The gaffer was a centrehalf and he wasn't bad was he That was a big thing for me hopefully he can make me into a better player.
  • Mr. Chihuly called Mr. Rubino a "gaffer," a term for a glassblower who labors around a furnace at the instruction of an artist.
  • I've never heard (or at least never noticed) the word gaffer before and I think I'm probably more familiar with British forms than most Americans (not saying much).
  • If you're the kind of movie-goer who stays reading end credits until you're playing footsie with the usher, you have probably wondered: "What does a 'gaffer' do?" or, "Who's the 'best boy'?"

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