gag order

IPA: gˈægɔrdɝ


  • (law) An order issued by a court prohibiting specified persons from discussing a case outside limitations set by the court.
  • (informal) Any directive from a person in authority prohibiting another person from speaking about a certain thing.

Examples of "gag-order" in Sentences

  • The British network TV program I worked for, This Week, circumvented this gag-order.
  • We basically put a gag-order on ourselves for the first week to focus on my recovery.
  • More recently, Twitter has made pro-democracy demonstrations in Iran and China possible by letting protestors communicate and it is now undermining (and may topple) the U. K.'s notorious gag-order libel laws.
  • Apparently, this self-imposed gag-order excludes friendly outlets like the "fair and balanced" Fox, where her segment with Hannity seemed more like a paid campaign commercial than a serious, legitimate interview by a respectable, objective journalist.

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