gag reflex

IPA: gˈægrifɫɛks


  • A reflex contraction of the back of the throat, evoked by touching the soft palate.

Examples of "gag-reflex" in Sentences

  • After doing so, go ahead and try to contain your gag-reflex.
  • Does anyone else get a sort of mild gag-reflex / slight stomach churn when they go to spit out a piece of gum?
  • Thanks for your aesthetic sensitivity and foresight in not initiating our collective gag-reflex here on the Bus.
  • For me, commitment is no longer this harrowing, gag-reflex inducing, large horse pill to swallow - but perhaps many small little digestible bites.
  • On the other hand, the tales of woe have become so prevalent that they sometimes prompt a gag-reflex, accompanied by a queasy feeling that you're being played.
  • 'To simulate this without any of the gagging that can happen if you're not used to doing it, steer his penis into the side of your cheek instead of straight back - it'll feel to him like he's touching the back of your throat, but it isn't going to trigger your gag-reflex.

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