gag rule

IPA: gˈægrˈuɫ


  • A rule that limits or forbids the consideration or discussion of a particular topic by members of a legislative or decision-making body.

Examples of "gag-rule" in Sentences

  • Imposing a gag-rule on recipients of PEPFAR funding has made them less effective.
  • On top of the gag-rule revival, House Republicans are also attacking family-planning funding overall, by trying to kill U.S. support for the United Nations Population Fund.
  • Last term, in the so-called gag-rule case, the court upheld Reagan administration regulations barring all discussion of abortion in family-planning clinics receiving federal money.
  • The incoming Obama White House is already getting ready to quickly reverse various George W. Bush policies by executive order: The ban on federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research, the prohibition against California settings its own emissions standards, and the global gag-rule that prevents international groups that receive federal funding from counseling women about abortion, among others.

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