IPA: gˈɑgʌ


  • Alternative form of ga-ga (“game resembling dodgeball”) [A variant of dodgeball played inside a fenced area, usually a hexagon or octagon.]


  • (informal) Mentally senile.
  • (informal) Crazy.
  • (informal) Infatuated.

Examples of "gaga" in Sentences

  • Gaga and Interscope have said it.
  • Gaga is genuinely upset about it.
  • For all you do on the Gaga articles.
  • Gaga's voice appears sedated in the song.
  • Gaga is not meant to be the focus of this video.
  • Madonna concerts outsell Lady Gaga in Latin America.
  • Words like 'Research and Development' make me go 'gaga'.
  • Lady Gaga's jazz album will reaffirm she's one of the best.
  • Gaga begins with someone throwing the gaga ball up into the air.
  • Hi, I recently put a quote for the fashion section of Gaga or GaGa.
  • The use of Gaga or Lady Gaga as used currently in the article is fine.
  • Someone above mentioned that it was a gaga rip-off, but at least lady gaga is fun?
  • July 21st, 2009 1: 08 pm ET this makes perfect sense, since lady gaga is fast becoming a cultural icon in the gay community.
  • Ok to set this clear! lady gaga is an amature. you get it? while Christina Aguilera is a music legend it can open your eyes fellas.
  • As an aside, even the word verification agrees that Wetherspoons must be crazy: the word verification on screen right now is "gaga"!
  • On Topsy, you can also filter out specific keywords to find, for example, posts that include the word "lady" but not the word "gaga."
  • i think lady gaga is a good addition. this was sanford and ensign may be able to carry on with their so called conservative family values ....
  • She also seems to have forgotten that since the dawn of time the word gaga has been one of the first discernible phrases to come from a baby's mouth.
  • Shop owner Matt O'Connor said he's prepared to fight: Since the dawn of time the word 'gaga' has been one of the first discernible phrases to come from a baby's mouth.
  • After quoting a hysterical (hysterical-gaga, that is, not hysterical-funny) rant from Secretary of State Condi Rice ( "who is known for her calm -- some might say somnambulent -- rhetoric," but who "waxes Hallmark when it comes to Scoot"), she wrote (boldface emphasis added):

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