IPA: gˈeɪdʒ


  • Something, such as a glove or other pledge, thrown down as a challenge to combat (now usually figurative).
  • (obsolete) Something valuable deposited as a guarantee or pledge; security, ransom.
  • A subspecies of plum, Prunus domestica subsp. italica.
  • (slang, dated) Marijuana
  • (archaic, UK, slang) A pint pot.
  • (archaic, UK, slang, metonymically) A drink.
  • (archaic, UK, slang) A tobacco pipe.
  • (archaic, UK, slang) A chamberpot.
  • (archaic, UK, slang) A small quantity of anything.
  • (obsolete, UK, thieves' cant) A quart pot.
  • A surname originating as an occupation.
  • A male given name transferred from the surname, of modern usage.
  • A female given name.
  • A ghost town in New Mexico.
  • A town in Oklahoma.
  • (US) Alternative spelling of gauge (“a measure, instrument for measuring, etc.”) [A measure; a standard of measure; an instrument to determine dimensions, distance, or capacity; a standard]
  • Initialism of Georgetown Alliance of Graduate Employees.


  • To bind (someone) by pledge or security; to engage.
  • (archaic) To bet or wager (something).
  • (obsolete) To deposit or give (something) as a pledge or security; to pawn.
  • (US) Alternative spelling of gauge (“to measure”) [(transitive) To measure or determine with a gauge; to measure the capacity of.]

Examples of "gage" in Sentences

  • Gage Reinhart has the superhuman power of flight.
  • The gage at the bridge differs from the USGS gage.
  • The mean discharge over the life of the gage was 2.7 cfs.
  • The Houston and Shreveport changed the gage to standard in 1894.
  • This gage is carried on the forward exterior part of the housing.
  • During the years 1906 and 1907, the gage was changed to standard.
  • The gage cutting surface is the largest plane surface on the head.
  • The magnet operates on the sensor which is mounted externally on the gage.
  • The bridge portion of the strain gage is adhesively secured to the diaphragm.
  • The taper plug gage is an internal gage in the shape of the frustum of a cone.
  • Some old and many new applications use the advantages of thin gage laminations, both oriented and non-oriented.
  • That said, there’s no way the PS3 will bomb, it might not sell very well but it’s hardly going to be an n-gage is it. james
  • Motors, generators, transformers and inductors are being designed to be more energy efficient by utilizing thin gage silicon-iron.
  • This paper discusses how thin gage silicon iron is beneficial, explains the theory in lay terms and shows the reader how to estimate an optimum lamination thickness.
  • My gage is probably a bit looser than called for, but rather than trying to hunt down more yarn in the same dye lot, I’m thinking about just leaving out the last two repeats on the other side.
  • [1] This successful attempt of the English fleet to manoeuvre for the weather gage, that is to secure a position to the windward of their opponents, is the first recorded instance of what became the favourite tactics of British admirals.
  • Black faces, white tablecloth, gleaming very sharp knives lined up by the saucers ... tobacco and "gage" smoke richly blended, eye-reddening and tart as wine, yowzah gwine smoke a little ob dis hyah sheeit gib de wrinkles in mah brain a process! straighten 'em all raht out, sho nuf!
  • The YTMND community was so out - used appropriately, it may have the ability to en - raged that they started a meme of mashups called gage a core group of supporters, who will share the NEDM (not even Doom music) to humiliate both messages they create with countless networks and the American teenager and the man who originally possibly even convince people who may have never posted the footage.

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