IPA: gˈægʌɫ


  • (collective) A group of geese when they are on the ground or on the water.
  • (by extension) Any group or gathering of related things.


  • To make a noise like a goose; to cackle.

Examples of "gaggle" in Sentences

  • By analogy with a gaggle of geese.
  • A gaggle of journalists camps by the side door.
  • In teen slang gaggle is used in place of giggle.
  • And a whole gaggle of people have done just that.
  • So when someone puts gaga they are known to gaggle.
  • They had six children and a gaggle of grandchildren.
  • In terms of geese, a gaggle is equal to at least five geese.
  • If this gaggle is key to anything, it's doomed from the start!
  • In military slang, a gaggle is an unorganized group doing nothing.
  • Or for it to just be a listing or simply a gaggle of 'views' on the subject.
  • Better than talking about what a FREAK SHOW the gaggle is gonna be? we’ll see.
  • That happened just a few moments ago in what we call the gaggle this morning with White House Press Secretary Tony Snow.
  • The press corps is often referred to as a gaggle, as in a “gaggle of geese,” but that hardly conveys the strange divide between the press and the “principal.”
  • In March 1990 she called a gaggle of historians to Chequers to discuss the German character, or rather the likely ambitions and governing style of a united nation.
  • Suzanne Malveaux, you are in what the reporters call the gaggle, which is an off-camera briefing between the White House public relations arm and reporters every morning.
  • He spent several days haunting the meadow where his friend found the dead honker, hoping it was part of a flock or a gaggle or whatever the English word for a group of honkers was.
  • The gods must be crazy, but a gaggle from the Greek pantheon are also having a disco-fueled, quip-filled blast in "Xanadu," the camp-tastic Broadway musical that just whisked into the Paramount Theatre on roller skates for a short touring run.
  • The trouble for Kenowa is that it's not his battle-tested and legendary band of brothers, but the Bad News Bears version, a rag-tag gaggle of misfits from every corner of Her Majesty's Empire ... and Kenowa is second-in-command behind a prince with little skill or charisma.
  • It was about 11: 05 this morning, while while we were asking questions of Mr. Fleischer -- as we always do in the morning -- what we call the gaggle -- Gordon Johndroe, who is an assistant who works for Mr. Fleischer, came in and handed him a Post-it note it, and on that note it said, We must evacuate this section of the West Wing.

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