IPA: gˈægmʌn


  • A writer or performer of gags.

Examples of "gagman" in Sentences

  • Former Looney Tunes gagman Ted Pierce would thunder at story meetings, Are we discussing anything funny?
  • For the next four years Mr. Etaix worked for Tati as a draughtsman, gagman and ultimately as an assistant director on "My Uncle."
  • As expected the gagman becomes the Jokester taking on many of the gimmicks our very own New Earth Joker has been employing since his introduction oh so many years ago.
  • In 1954, Mr. Etaix's skills as a gagman and clown brought him to the attention of France's reigning king of cinema comedy, Jacques Tati, who employed the younger man to help him develop his film "My Uncle."
  • A Jack-of-all trades under Mussolini - newspaper columnist, cartoonist, insurance salesman, typesetter, shop window designer, and gagman for the radio and the cabaret - Fellini came to the film world after the Allied liberation of Italy.
  • It's often noted that the switch hurt McKimson's unit; though Pierce was the story man on one of his best cartoons, "Hillbilly Hare," he was described by Lloyd Turner as "the least creative" of the studio's three main writers, and while he was good at story structure and pop-culture parodies, he was fairly weak as a gagman and had "personal problems" i.e. he drank a lot.
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